emotional intelligence

How To Really Understand Your Emotions

One of the most important aspects of being human is the fact that we have feelings -- all day long. And yet, rarely are we taught healthy ways to cope with them. Who among us learned about coping with emotions in school?

EQRocks's insight:
Feelings matter. If we want to Heal it, we gotta FEEL it!

What is Emotional Intelligence? Case Study on Emotional Intelligence.

Answer to the question: What is Emotional Intelligence? Read these Case Studies on Emotional Intelligence.

EQRocks's insight:
Here is compiled some of the best research I've seen on the (clear) benefits of EQ! If you want to see very real numbers about what EQ can do, check out this page!

Types of Emotion

Emotion, for the purpose of building boundaries, expressing values, and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe = PERSONAL POWER Emotion, for the purpose of loving, giving, understanding and healing = COMPASSION Emotion, for the purpose of connecting and expressing to others that you know and appreciate what they feel = EMPATHY Emotion, in order to release, and heal =...

My two worlds Collide…

(In writing my bio for a new project, I realized that the two very different areas of my life are finally coming together.) Matt has been designing and building database software applications for over 20 years, both as a programmer/analyst and a project manager. Matt specialty is in determining client's needs and building the software to meet or exceed those...