I just realized that there are different KINDS of Responsible, Mature, "Grown-up" Adults…
One kind is a worried, controlling, non-trusting, shut-down, non-feeling, yucky kind of adult.
Another is an aware, compassionate, understanding, grounded, happy, life-enhancing, hopeful, joyous kind of adult.
Both can be Responsible.
Both can be Mature.
Both can be "Grown up".
Which are you choosing to be?!?

How about we make the NDW weekend workshop into a show on TV. A show where people watch us processing people!
Taking them thru the Statement.
Helping them Break-thru their Feelings!
We'll film a regular class, but we'll focus on a couple of people each episode.
some get 15-minute phone interview with Matt
if good, Assessment with Doc
He approves them for stability and inclusion.
Do the Tunnel of Love, too.
be able to focus on what 1 person is saying, and block out everyone else.

“Since taking the workshop I have been able to really take a look at myself and understand how certain events that happened to me in my childhood. adolescent and adulthood years thwarted my growth as a mother, wife, and friend. Now I have learned and am still learning how to constructively deal with my life issues by dealing with my anger in a safe group setting. I feel so much more free to be the real me.”

- Susan A.

“It’s the best seminar of its type that I’ve ever taken in 40 years of working on myself. I highly recommend this introspective course to anyone who really wants to understand what makes them tick.”

- Rev. Don D.

Hi Matt,
I'm doing great, actually.
The first few days after the program I was a little shaky. I was sad because the safety and security of the workshop was over. But within a few days I began reading Doc's book and reinforcing the new skills I have learned. I'm working on my anger journal right now. It is amazing to me how many times a day I get angry and in the past I have turned it inward and gotten sad or hurt instead of angry.

There's one wonderful feature to Guilt...
It's 100% OPTIONAL.
You choose to feel bad about something or NOT.
Once you get started, it's sometimes hard to stop.
But the reality is, that GUILT IS OPTIONAL! (you can take it or leave it)

"“What is the quest you are on? How are you searching for meaning in your individual existence? Or, to reformulate this down to a more simple expression—What makes you get up in the morning?”

Marc Gafni, Soul Prints: Your Path to Fulfillment

Learn to Love again.
Learn to Laugh again.
Learn to Feel again.
Take Control of your Feelings & Emotions
at the
New Directions Weekend Workshop!

You may be able to reach your personal and/or business Goals by yourself.
You may be able to figure it out alone.
But with a Coach, it's a SLAM DUNK!
You gotta let them (me) push you a bit, if you truly want to get THROUGH your limitations, pitfalls, negative beliefs and weaknesses.
A coach not only helps you get there, he/she helps you Enjoy and Appreciate your life along the way!
Try it... you will be amazed.
write to me for your free session.

Are you a Victim or a Victor?!?
Victims Blame
Victors Learn
"Ultimately, the victors are the ones who figure out what went wrong and re-arrange their life so that it never happens again.
"You already possess an amazing ability to 'know' (read: Feel) which direction to go. You simply need to learn how to interpret your own (quiet) signals."