I believe the greatest gift I would like right now, personally, would be the ability to hear what people think or want!
It would be truly fascinating.
My greatest joy is in Understanding people.
Where they are
How they got there.
Their thought processes.
Their underlying beliefs and motivations.
What to do to help them think or feel better.
...and noting what works and what doesn't.

Write On!

Control Your Feelings,
Control Your LIFE!

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"Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it.
The world needs people who have come alive."

- Harold Thurman Whitman

"He who knows others is learned.
He who knows himself is wise."

- Lao Tse

"Less Crazy, More Sane.
Less Different, More Same.
More Power. Less Blame.
More Joy, Less Pain."

- mcp

Self-Centered vs. Me-Centered
I know myself
I know that the best way to take care of myself, emotionally, is to be there for others
to help people be happy, and learn, and grow.
We, us, together
FREE to be who we are, Safe, Open, loving, content, free, joy, laughter, connection, healing, growth, heaven
If I'm being Me-Centered
I am thinking of me, separate from you
ME, Me, me
against, competing with, at odds with, in battle with, protecting myself from
- - you

There's a difference between Collecting, with heart
- quality, meaning, clean, nice, loving, pride, value, passion, slow, careful, precious

and Accumulating
- hoarding, grabbing, bogarting, taking, selfish, me-centered.

Studies show writing about traumatic events helps you recover and move on. Here's how.
When James W. Pennebaker, M.D., faced a stressful time in his marriage, he began journaling. "There are dozens of features to a relationship," he says. "Journaling helps to slow things down and put them in perspective."

Here's a cool concept: Self-Coaching.
Dr. Luciani writes some powerful articles, such as:
- Are You a Prisoner of Control?
- Controlling Life Isn't the Answer, It's the Problem!
- How to Stop Anxiety and Depression
- Choosing the Life You Want
... and more.
Read on...

"It is our basic right to be a happy person, happy family, and eventually a happy world. That should be our goal."

-- Dalai Lama