Connections are the Key
The only way to find true Happiness is in your connections with others.
It may be only 1 person, or even a pet.
But imagine having NO Connections with any living creature... Yikes.
Connections = Relationships

"Every dollar you've ever made.
And every dollar you ever will make.
Is based on a relationship with someone."

We'd better figure out how to make our relationships, and our connections, work!

If you know what you feel, you'll know who you are.
If you know what you feel, you'll know where to go.
If you know what you feel, you'll know who you are Not.
If you know what you feel, you'll just know.
- Matt

One of the most intense things you can do with your body, while staying in one place, is Head-Banger Dancing...
You know you're right!!!!!!!!You know you're right!!!!!!!!You know you're right!!!!!!!!You know you're right!!!!!!!!

Information vs. Transformational Learning
I just learned an important distinction between 2 main schools of learning...
Information Learning is what we do in 'regular' schools... the teacher talks, students listen. Students are tested and attempt to regurgitate exactly what the teacher told them.
Transformational Learning is where you are Actively involved in the learning process. You "find" your answers, directed by a teacher, mentor or other experienced person.

"When guilt rears its ugly head confront it, discuss it and let it go. The past is over. It is time to ask what can we do right, not what did we do wrong. Forgive yourself and move on."

--Bernie S. Siegel

"I have made it a rule of my life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy . . . you can’t build on it; it’s only good for wallowing in."

-- Katherine Mansfield

"Each one, teach one. Each one, reach one. Until all are taught."

- Mark Victor Hansen

I got this from a How to Get a Date site... which means it's their basic Law of Attraction.

The formula is:


Cocky alone is not attractive. Arrogance repels people like bad breath. But a FUNNY arrogance... Ahhh, that's the stuff that miracles are made of.

"Love you forever, and forever.
Love you with all my heart.
Love you when we’re together.
Love you when we're apart.
Make it easy to be near you.
and the things you do endear you to me.

- Alison Krauss

I'm sitting in the morning daylight outside a grocery store, at a stone table, with my laptop on the table in front of me. I'm fighting to read my screen in the glare of the early morning sun.
The good people of Napa, CA are visiting the grocery store for their provisions for a Sunday. Some buy a paper, fruit, milk, a pastry. Others buy party beer and ice gallore (it hit 108 degrees yesterday). It's not a real ritzy area of town, but most of the patrons are clearly white-collar, or retired, cleanly-dressed with nice shiney cars.

Agree - with an underlying belief. Become aware of it and decide it is True

ex: "My Grandma's love was the purest love I've ever felt."

Reject - a belief / decide it is false

ex: "No one will ever love me."

Transcend - it doesn't matter if the old belief is true or false. You live "in the moment", deciding as you go how to act or react, rather than being a victim to childhood generalized beliefs, shoulds and expectations.