"Come to the edge" he said.
"We can't, we are afraid".
"Come to the edge" he said.
"We dare not, we shall certainly fall".
"Come to the edge" he said.
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.
- Apollinaire

Matt's EQ Quiz
Answer these questions to test your emotional well-being. You don't have to write down the answers... just read the question and experience your feelings and emotions. Let them flow thru you... watch your thoughts go by... learn about yourself
Dare to explore your feelings… harnessing your feelings and getting them under control is the Key to Happiness and Freedom!
1. You get a huge compliment from your boss, completely unexpected!
- What's the first thing that goes thru your mind?

I just came across a wonderful psychotherapist, Dr. Claude Steiner, who has done much work in Emotional Literacy. We call it Emotional Intelligence, but it's VERY much the same concepts that we teach at the New Directions Weekend Workshop.
At minimum, please read this short, amusing children's story, which makes a VERY good point about giving out Warm Fuzzies freely and openly.

Apparently we have more lessons to learn...
All I can figure is that our lives have been painful and hard so far, and they will continue to be such until we HAVE learned what we are supposed to learn about the stuff we are SUPPOSED TO learn.
It's as simple as that. If it's not going the way we want, or it doesn't feel the way we want it to feel, then we have more work to do. It's called Personal Responsibility, and it's the Key to a powerful, directed, responsible life.

... here goes ...