Fear must be dealt with Experiencially. You can talk about it all day long, but it won't change a thing until you let yourself Feel it!

Do yourself a favor and at least TRY, no Get Started, to resolve stuff from your past. Take a good, honest, feeling-filled look into your past and see what you find there.

"Be not the slave of your own past -
plunge into the sublime seas,
dive deep and swim far -
so you shall come back with self-respect,
with new power,
with an advanced experience,
that shall explain
and overlook the old."

How do you keep your past relationships wrapped around your heart?
Make a list of old loves, what was cool about them (what attracted you to them), what happened (in a word or two), what you learned from that experience and then see how you feel toward each one now. Is there any residual hurt, or anger, or hanging on?!?
My guess is that you might have some cleanup work to do.

I believe the world is ready to FEEL.
I think folks are hurtin', and Angry, and disappointed, and STRESSED, and Depressed.
I believe the world is ready to change... for the better.
I believe that teaching the world how to FEEL will make a simple, yet incredibly PROFOUND difference on our daily lives. The lessons are simple, straight-forward, distinct and for the most part, FREE of charge!

If you're really Angry and hurt, you gotta get that OUT of your SYSTEM. Somehow.
Trust me, it's coming out anyway… but probably not in ways that work for you, or those around you.
Like blasting your family or folks at work, or even your friends.
Guys become a-holes, women become b_'s
You're unhappy. You're unfulfilled. You're Frustrated. You've friggin' Angry Aaaahhhhhh !!!
You can feel it boiling, sometimes
You can spit nails
You face is all hot and your blood's pumping hard.

Hire me to stand beside you
To support you
To encourage you
To boost you up
and cheer for you!
To stand beside you when you weep.
To be that loving voice you need now and then.
Feeling stuck?
Not reaching your potential>?
Repeating unsuccessful patterns?
Not living the life you want to live?
As a Coach, I become your emotional partner, your guide, your friend.
When it's time to Celebrate, I'll be there!
When things get tough, I'll be there.
Let's do it together.

"He who knows others is learned.
He who knows himself is wise."

- Lao Tse

... newly washed in the morning sunup.
Tho' she's been taking a beating lately, she's still a Fine-looking car that I am most proud to own!
... and with over 68,000 of many tough miles, she purrs like a kitten... with the SuperCharger, she's sounds reeeeaaall nice.
Thanks for helping remind me to appreciate what I have.
- Matt

On the highway yesterday I saw a sign on the front yard of a church which read:
"He who angers you controls you."
Thought I'd pass that along...

- Kimberly Parry, coach

Punishing Guilt vs. Productive Guilt
There are 2 types of Guilt.
One is a powerful, punishing, shame-on-you Guilt. It's designed to make you feel:
- Bad
- Down
- Less than
- Stupid
- Shameful
- etc.
The other kind of Guilt is an equally powerful, what I call "Productive Guilt".
This is the kind of guilt that is meant to:
- Teach you a Lesson
- Be Easy to Remember (even if it hurts)
- Pushes your Limits